VeniSIA programs

VeniSIA’s virtuous circle of acceleration

SDGs are an urgent call to action for people and planet, and companies are required to innovate their operative and business models through the development and test of new business ideas and technology solutions. VeniSIA copes with the companies’ sustainable development challenges through a virtuous circle of acceleration.

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Established companies identify their main sustainable development challenges:
VeniSIA supports international and national companies to design a sustainability innovation project, with the aim to develop it.

Most qualified researchers and start-uppers are identified, through an international call to action, and consequently engaged by VeniSIA to provide business ideas and technology solutions which can result in sustainability innovation projects.

Research labs and start-ups are set off in Venice by funding companies, to carry out the sustainability innovation projects.

VCs, family offices and donors join VeniSIA and create new market spaces for successful sustainability innovation projects: VeniSIA supports the promotion of tested business ideas and technology solutions among international investors and VCs to further fund selected start-ups and unlock their commercial opportunities.

Additional companies are attracted by the latter to cope with sustainability challenges and test in Venice ideas and solutions which can later work elsewhere in the world.

Master’s students get internships within the corporate labs: VeniSIA supports companies to select the best master’s students from (not only) Ca’ Foscari University for an internship in the corporate labs in order to support the sustainability innovation projects.

Additional independent smart workers join Venice: VeniSIA establishes and manages a community of innovators, able to attract worldwide smart workers, interested in a unique living and working experience in Venice.