VeniSIA is a sustainability innovation accelerator, based in Venice and devoted to the development of business ideas and technology solutions able to face climate change and other environmental challenges. VeniSIA attracts institutions, companies and individuals who share the belief that it is the perfect background to provide ideas and solutions for those sustainable development challenges that are applicable to Venice fragile and unique environmental ecosystem, and yet scalable, to the benefit of the whole planet. VeniSIA’s ultimate purpose is not to make an accelerator in Venice but to make an accelerator out of Venice.



VeniSIA’s mission is to support companies in leveraging Deep Tech as a new approach to problems to build solutions to the world’s biggest sustainability challenges. Venice will thus become the first 100% sustainable city.

Ph. Credit Marco Zanta


VeniSIA’s vision is to create the first European most comprehensive ecosystem with a relentless focus on human capital to nurture sustainability and leverage a Deep Tech approach to innovation.


New residents

VeniSIA’s ambition is thus to leveragea Deep Tech approach to deal with sustainability challenges, repopulating the city with new talented residents.

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Space-time rationale

The butterfly effect framework

A butterfly effect framework explains that an environmental SDGs-driven start-up accelerator must be located in Venice because of a dual space-time rationale, where space refers to the development of local solutions to win global challenges and time refers to the transformation of tradition into innovation.

“Venice is above, beyond, out of all reach”

Charles Dickens

Venice has always been open to the world, inclusive, resilient to a fragile environment, industrious, a living laboratory of art and culture, of craftsmanship and innovation. Living in Venice is a unique experience of life transformation, able to attract anyone: researchers, start-uppers, VCs, policymakers, artists, philanthropists from anywhere.

"Every time I describe a city, I am saying something about Venice"

Italo Calvino

Venice is able to transfer local values to a global level: it has such an intense unique personality that it can be turned into a universal stage. To launch a start-up in Venice means to think local-act global and exploit new business ideas and technology solutions worldwide in order to cope with sustainability challenges.

"I go to where I come from"

Nato Frascà

Since its origins, Venice has been coping with its fragile environment and thus became a universal example of resilience and adaptation. Such a city, which has managed to preserve its memories and timeless beauty, must still be a leader in multiculturalism and innovation.

"Back to unique origins, into a universal future"

Carlo Bagnoli

Today Venice is in danger, due to severe flooding, over-tourism and depopulation, and the global duty is to guarantee its future. VeniSIA’s ambition is to become an important shaper of the future. Venice has been at the origin of the future of yesterday and of today, and it will be at the origin of the future of tomorrow.