Venice area

Venice is the capital of north-east Italy, among the most innovative manufacturing regions in Europe, where a network of SMEs is able to produce anything. Nine universities are located in this area, including the University of Padua, which is one of the oldest universities (founded in 1222). This makes Venice a center of attraction for international researchers and students, especially for those from the closest areas of Asia and North Africa.

Map of Venice


Strategy Innovation Hub

1. Strategy Innovation Hub
San Giobbe Economic Campus, Fondamenta San Giobbe, Cannaregio 873,
30121 Venezia. Go to Google Maps.

The Strategy Innovation Hub is located between land and water and represents the physical and virtual meeting place of a community of entrepreneurs and managers who imagine innovative strategic solutions, inspired by training sessions, seminars and workshops, drawing on the research activities and intellectual assets of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
It is based in Venice, ever since a privileged place for experimentation and contamination, at the M. Rispoli Research and Innovation Hub of the San Giobbe Economic Campus, the oldest Italian “business school”.
The Strategy Innovation Hub is a physical and intellectual bridge able to inspire the generation and sharing of new ideas to transform them into radical technological solutions and successful business models.
It is also home to innovative educational and research activities involving students, professors and researchers who work in a centre of excellence which inspires sharing, innovation and creativity, and fosters the creation of strategic relationships.