Karim is changing the game.

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Karim is changing the game.

Karim is changing the game.
Karim is changing the game.

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Total budget: 500.000 € -
European Union funding: 400.000€


Biotech / Smartcity / SDG n.7 / Clustering and economic cooperation / SME and entrepreneurship / Knowledge and technology transfer  


2020-2023 / closed

Azienda finanziatrice

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Rue du Saint Antoine, 75012 Paris - France


Scale up involved

BiovelocITA’s mission is to accelerate research projects with high potential in healthcare and transform them into biotech companies. It gathers best-in-class scientists, entrepreneurs and investors to foster the development of pioneering companies.

Description of the project

The project aims to improve SME access to high value innovation support and technology and make NWE more competitive. By 2014 the project will create a network of 500+ innovation actors to achieve this. Actions will create transnational support for innovation and technology transfer.


Set up to assist SMEs in North-West Europe, KARIM has made a significant breakthrough in the innovation landscape by considering ‘responsibility’ from the perspective of those behind it – entrepreneurs and researchers.
Its new guidance book, ‘Responsible Innovation in the context of the KARIM project’, proves there is competitive advantage by innovating using new technology from universities in a way, which considers the impact of innovation on society, groups within it and the environment.