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Venice, the oldest city
of the future ®

The problems of
(not only) Venice

Venice is facing vital sustainable development challenges, such as drowning, over-tourism, depopulation, and other extraordinary cities share similar environmental and social problems. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call to action for people and countries but also for companies that have to implement new production models. The latter require to develop and test new business ideas and technology solutions.
VeniSIA is a corporate accelerator and its ambition is to collect all global efforts to achieve the SDGs, mainly related to climate change and other environmental problems, with the ultimate aim to turn Venice into the oldest city of the future.

The solution powered by VeniSIA

VeniSIA copes with Venice sustainable development challenges through an acceleration process where:

  • 1.established companies identify their main sustainable development challenges;
  • 2.sustainability researchers and start-uppers develop consistent solutions;
  • 3.master’s students get internships within the corporate labs;
  • 4.additional donors join VeniSIA.